International exchange opportunities 國際學校交流機會
Program type: Inviting Groups from Taiwan
Program name: Language and culture exchange
Institution name: Onehunga High School
Institution website:
Institution description: Onehunga High School has a holistic education system that enables students to become contributing members of New Zealand Society. It offers students the opportunity to achieve at the highest level, develop and pursue personal goals and to engage in a life
Location_city: Auckland
Location_country: New Zealand
Program description: Onehunga High School has been offering Chinese language programme for our students for over 15 years. We have a group of keen students
Expense & Coverage: NTD$15000 to $20000 for the host programme per student
Suggested date of your program: 5th April.
Suggested number of your participants: 15 to 20
Contact person information: (1) name: Ellen Hsu

(2) position: Teacher of Chinese and Art

(3) e-mail:

(4) phone number: +6421483773

(5) skype or msn:
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