International exchange opportunities 國際學校交流機會
Program type: Visiting Taiwan
Program name: The coexistence of culture and education for international understanding
Institution name: Jamsil Middle School
Institution website:
Institution description: Jamsil Middle School is a public school located in Jamsil, Seoul. It is right next to Lotte World, a major recreation complex in Seoul. It has 1200 students and one of the most popular schools for middle-class.
Location_city: Seoul
Location_country: South Korea
Program description: Our program is for students' understanding of both natural and cultural heritage in Taiwan and for having exchange classes.
Expense & Coverage: The cost will be about $5000 for all expenses.
Suggested date of your program: 1. Our teachers will visit there in September. 2. Taiwanese students will vsit us in January 2014. 3. Our students will visit Twain in the begining of August..
Suggested number of your participants: 1. Teachers: 5 2. students: 20
Contact person information: (1) name: Park, Young jun

(2) position: Head teacher


(4) phone number:office: 82-2-420-8051~4
mobile: 82-10-8936-7749

(5) skype or msn:
references: (1) Reference 1: Huh, Seong il, principle
office: 82-2-422-0357

(2) Reference 2:
Other information: 1. Each school should take care of its own transportation fee.
2. Each school should take care of the cost for its exchange classes.
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