School Name:
School Type: Public    Private
Catholic Christian Buddhist no specific religion
School Level: Primary School Junior High School Senior High School Vocational High School
Program Title:
Preferred Year: 2012    2013    2014    2015    2016   
Proposed Months for Program: Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun
Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct Nov Dec  
Duration of Program: days ( exclusive of transportation time)
Application Date: Hand in application month(s) before the proposed start date
Laguage Specialty of The Invited Students: Country language:
English German French Japanese
Spanish Korean Vietnamese Thai
Other languages
Requirements of The Invited Students:
1.Status: Undergraduate Graduate Doctorate graduate
Student studying in Taiwan university Student studying in Chinese Language Program
2.Age limit:
3.Gender: Male persons Female persons Both persons
4.Specialty: Education  Counseling  Administration Language teaching Unlimited
Others.  Please describe:
5. Transcript
6. Transcript
7. Application form
8. Health certificate
9. Other conditions.  Please fill in
Activity Time and Contents: This program needs the invited student to offer service in school for days , per week hours,hrs per day hours,The service contents include:
Language teaching assistance Student counseling assistance     Student affairs assistance
Professional skill teaching Library administrative assistance Student club guidance
Camp activity
Others.  Please fill in(within 30 words):
Chinese template download      English Template Download      Chinese blank form      English blank form
Program Schedule Attachment is needed
Trip Information: Each Participants must be able to afford the expense as follows:
Item Visitor pay School pay
International airfare roundtrip ticket
Insurance fee
Visa fee
Transportation 1. Accommodation
2. Transportation between school and accommodation
Accommodation 1. Host family
2. School dormitory
3. Hotel
Meal 1. Meals at school
2. Meals with host family
Local Trip 1. Meals during trips
2. Accommodation during trips
3. Transportation during trips
4. Tourist site entrance tickets
Others Certificate Yes    No
Total approximate cost US$ per person, exclusive of International airfare roundtrip ticket + insurance + Visa fee.
School Web Sites: http://
Contact Information:
Name:  English:
Telephone: 886-Area code- number
Mobile: 886-9 code numbers