International exchange opportunities 國際學校交流機會

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Program type: Inviting Groups from Taiwan
Program name: Cultural Exchange at Osaka City Senior High School
Institution name: Osaka City Senior High School
Institution website:
Institution description: Osaka City Senior High School is located in Hirakata City which is about 30 minutes from downtown Osaka by public transportation. The school is a comprehensive high school offering a broad curriculum with three main courses (Science and Mathematics Course
Location_city: Osaka
Location_country: Japan
Program description: One-week experience at Osaka City Senior High School, joining our classes and having cultural activities, homestay program with our students, and visiting some iconic places in Osaka and Kyoto with our students. We would be very happy if we could establ
Expense & Coverage: 30,000 JP yen(about 300 US dollars) for one-week program with homestay(including 3 meals a day) and activities at school and visiting popular places in Osaka and Kyoto(except for personal expense). It depends on where we go. Airport pci-up and health in
Suggested date of your program: September or mid-November in 2019, January in 2020.
Suggested number of your participants: 10-20 students
Contact person information: (1) name: Hiroshi Iwasaki

(2) position:a teacher of
English and in charge of exchange program

(3) e-mail:

(4) phone number:+81 (0)72-833-0101

(5) skype or msn:
references: (1) Reference 1:Principal: (Mr.)Nobuo Shiomi (Osaka City Senior High School)

(2) Reference 2:Osaka City Board of Education
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