Taiwanese Huayu teaching assistants will start journeies in Thailand from July, 2013

Taiwanese Huayu teaching assistants will start journeies in Thailand from July, 2013

(Description of the photo: 6 Huayu teaching assistants took photos with TECO in Thailand officer after having their students perform with Huayu learned in last 8 months.)

Want to know what it will be like to live and teach in Thailand?  Are you curious about the custom, culture and religions of Thailand?  Thailand is only hours away from Taiwan by taking airplane, and it shares similar life style and culture with Taiwan.  However, how much people in Taiwan and Thailand know about each other?


To bridge the cultural and language gaps between Taiwan and Thailand, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand (TECO in Thailand) worked together with the Ministry of Education in Taiwan to start the project of Taiwanese Huayu teaching assistants in Thai schools in 2011.  In the past two years, about 20 Huayu teaching assistants, who were selected fromthe universities in Taiwan, had taught Huayu from elementary schools to high schools in Thailand.  They all earned unique experiences working in a very friendly but somewhat  original environments and interacted with sincere colleagues and innocent students.


The teaching period in Thailand for Huayu teaching assistants is from July 1 to the end of February of next year.  For teaching opportunities in Thailand in 2013, TECO in Thailand had selected 18 students from Taiwan, who either major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) or have taken professional training programs in TCSL, to start teaching this July.  However, the demand for Huayu Teaching Assistants from Taiwan still way outpace the supply.  Due to the past excellent teaching performances of Taiwanese, more and more schools in Thailand asked to join this program and offer better salary to attract good Taiwanese to teach in their schools.  Five provinces of Thailand,  Samutprakarn 、Prachinburi、Sakaeo、Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khuri Khan, have join this project and need in total of 30 Huayu teaching assistants.  It presents 20% of growth in terms of the number of demand schools. 


We are glad to see this program successful and continue to grow in a healthy path.  More teachers from Taiwan teach Huayu in Thailand will benefit people in two countries, learn languages from each other, infuse new thoughts and dynamics into existing culture and earn friendship and understanding between two countries.